17.50 RON

Detalii Produs

Marker TOUCH TWIN BRUSH, YR21, Terra Cotta. The markers have an ergonomic design for a more comfortable grip. They have 2 ends: on one side is a special pen-brush, and on the other - a medium-wide pen, type "chisel". The markers can be refilled with ink and the pens can be replaced. Thanks to their two pens with different shapes, TOUCH TWIN markers allow artists and designers a wider range of line thicknesses. The flow of odorless ink is controlled, which prevents it from spilling or smearing. The ink is alcohol-based and does not dissolve already printed toner ink, which allows for brightly colored work on printed surfaces. TOUCH TWIN art markers are suitable for illustrators, animators, people involved in architectural rendering or interior design. The innovative and durable design of the pens ensures that they will retain their strength for a long time and will not wear out.